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[08.] lonly and horny
never go drunk karaoke with lu han, ever || lu han/lay || r || warning: dress-ups

It's not every day that Yixing gets a few drinks too happy, but when he does, it's always with Lu Han.Collapse )
[07.] and then the tables were turned
lu han thinks sehun is boring in bed, but of course, sehun proves him wrong || lu han/sehun || nc-17 || warning: bdsm--gagging, handcuffing, blindfolding
happy birthday lu han!

“I’m gonna get you off, hyung,” Sehun whispers as he grabs a scarf and folds it in half lengthwise.Collapse )
[06.] deadly number thirty-three
woohyun pays a visit to myungsoo's house five years after sungyeol dies || woohyun/sungyeol, myungsoo/sungyeol || pg
based on a translation of this japanese riddle here

Woohyun’s not sure why he’s sitting in a car right now, driving to Myungsoo’s house.Collapse )
[05.] kiss and run
hongki kisses jonghun, but only when he's drunk || hongki/jonghun || pg

Kisses are meant to be a sign of love.Collapse )
[04.] the ichiban way to learn japanese
hyunmin gives suhoon a little impromptu japanese lesson || pg

“Jyagaimo,” Hyunmin says, picking up a steamed potato.Collapse )
[03.] amorphous
kevin learns what it's like getting looked through || kevin/kibum || g

Kevin’s never really known what it was like to be one of the people who got looked through.Collapse )
[02.] puppy love
dongwoo likes puppies, so he (sort of) becomes one, and wins eunji's heart || g

Dongwoo likes dancing. He also likes puppies.Collapse )
[01.] of cheating and miniskirts
in which minhwan and myungsoo call/tweet/text each other || g

“We’re going to Japan tomorrow to promote” Collapse )